#41 Geometric Patterns with Rosie Martin of DIYcouture

Rosie Martin - smiling at desk

Rosie Martin, the force behind DIYcouture, discusses her new book No Patterns Needed, a collection of patternless sewing designs based on squares, circles, and rectangles. Rosie shares how she started designing patternless fashions, her favorite indie patterns to sew from, and where she likes to go for inspiration in London, her hometown.

Also, in this episode, Rosie mentions scuba (as in the fabric). We weren’t sure about the definition of what this fabric is, but Rosie followed up after our call, explaining it’s a double knit, usually made from fine-gauge thread, which gives it a very smooth finish. And it’s generally always made from polyester.

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Outro: “Summer Fun” by Scott Holmes

Some of the designs from No Patterns Needed: Cape Sleeve Top spread Make with triangles spread

Drip drape spread


  1. mimimeyer

    Such a great and inspiring interview!!

  2. Juls

    Great podcast! What was the name of the mending as a craft book? Happy sewing? It would be great if you could post the title!!

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