#40 3D-Printed Clothing with Nervous System


Jessica Rosenkrantz, co-founder of Nervous System (pictured here with fellow co-founder Jesse Louis-Rosenberg), discusses her work creating 3D-printed clothing.

Nervous System, a generative design studio, has collaborated with New Balance to make 3D-printed midsoles for sneakers, and they’ve designed several 3D-printed dresses, the most recent of which was commissioned by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston for their #techstyle exhibit. The dresses are beautiful! (See below.)

Jessica and Christine talk about the processes that go into 3D printing clothing, and about Nervous System’s innovative technique for printing a dress in one full piece. If you’re interested in playing around with Nervous System’s Kinematics dress design, check out the Kinematics Cloth app. And you can see a model wearing and moving around in one of the dresses here. If you’re interested in designing your own jewelry and having it printed, check out Nervous System’s Kinematics jewelry app. As Jessica explains in the interview, jewelry is a much more affordable project to print than a dress.

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Outro: “Lift off” by Jahzzar.


Jessica wearing kinematic dres

Jessica wearing one of Nervous System’s Kinematics dresses.

kin red

The Kinematics Petals dress commissioned by MFA.


folded out of printer

A dress freshly pulled from the 3D printer.

printed at shapeways

Unfolding the dress after printing.

x-ray view redndering showing hinge structure

X-ray view rendering showing hinge structure.

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  1. This was so fascinating! I already loved Nervous System and I was super excited when I saw that you interviewed one of the founders. I’m going to recommend this episode on my blog on Friday (I’ve already recommended your podcast generally as it’s one of my favorites). Really great interview!

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