About the Podcast

Each episode, journalist and sewing blogger Christine Cyr Clisset (of Daughter Fish) interviews master craft people and creators in the home sewing, textile, and fashion communities. From independent pattern and textile designers to couture experts and curators, Christine brings you along on thought-provoking conversations sure to enlighten your own sewing or fibers practice—and give you something to listen to while you stitch, weave, dye, or work!


  1. Christine,
    Thank you for such an informative blog, picked up loads of information about working with silk, which greatly helps the bias cut dress I am working on.

  2. shelly beth grappe

    Your podcasts are wonderful! Your guests are entertaining and informative and on topic. Topics are well chosen. Questions asked are one a sewer, quilter, or fiber artisan might ask. Thank you for sharing you time and talents. shelly beth grappe

  3. So happy to have found your podcasts! I’m a fashion blogger and always interested in learning more about fashion history and sewing. I discovered you from Professor Przybyszewski’s blog. (Read and reviewed her book, which I really enjoyed.) Thank you. Looking forward to hearing more.

  4. Samantha Chapman

    I have recently discovered your podcasts and have been listening and enjoying them. Your topics are very relevant and timely, and tie into other things I’m reading/listening to (e.g. Elizabeth Cline’s book “Overdressed”). Your interview questions are thoughtful and well researched as well. I hope you will keep up the good work; a revolution is taking place out there, and you are a spokesperson for it.

  5. Luna

    I just discovered sewing podcasts. Your podcast is very interesting and has given me information for new experiments. By the way, I listen while using my needles.

    Thank you!

  6. Stephanie

    I just started listening to your podcasts, they’re great! I’m looking forward to listening to past episodes. I also poked around and realized that you also wrote the recent article on buying beginner machines on thesweethome! I just recently purchased a new machine as I’m an aspiring sewist and that article was really helpful. Thank you!

  7. After googling something about Liesl Gibson (Oliver and S), I came across your blog/podcast. In the matter of two weeks, I’ve just worked my way entirely through every podcast, and wanting more!! I love it! Thank you so much for your time put into this. It’s so cool to hear the talents of people come alive, via interview. I have learned so much, and waiting for new podcasts!! 😀

  8. I have just recently found your podcast and am making my way through every episode! It is uniquely interesting and is teaching me so much! Thank you!

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