Episode #10: The Art of Fit with Kenneth D. King

A few weeks back, when New York was at the blustery beginning of a mid-February snow storm, I made my way down to Kenneth D. King‘s cozy sewing studio near Union Square. Some of you may know Kenneth from his Craftsy Jean-ius! class (as I did), or from his Threads articles, or his many couture sewing classes held around the country. I was visiting Kenneth on this chilly afternoon to chat about the art of fit, a subject in which I have a keen interest, but less-than-perfect skills. Kenneth is an expert, you see, and just finished filming a three-part DVD series  for Threads called “Smart Fitting with Kenneth D. King,” which should be available toward the end of April.

Kenneth is a natural showman, which I knew from watching his Craftsy course, and I was delighted to find that he’s just as funny and engaging in person—and on tape, which makes for a great podcast guest. Kenneth and I discussed everything from sewing for Barbie (where he got his start), to how to perfect fit (practice!  and a sewing “fit” buddy!), to getting the right dress form.

If you’re interested in becoming better at fitting, this is a great episode to catch. And if you’re enjoying these episodes, please throw Thread Cult a bone by giving her a positive rating on iTunes. The podcast is the #1 fashion & beauty podcast this week (yay!), and more good ratings and reviews will help the ‘cast reach more people!

Happy listening!

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Dress Design: Draping and Flat Pattern Making, by Marion S. Hillhouse and Evelyn A. Mansfield

The American Sewing Guild

“Fit for Everyone” by Kenneth D. King. Sew removable covers to make your dress form work for multiple figures. Threads, July 2012

Kenneth’s newest creative endeavor, an autobiographical novel, All Grown Up: A Friendship in Three Acts

One comment

  1. Liza

    I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast, but of course, it was Kenneth King! I love and devour everything he writes/says. He is the “Sewing Bible.” Good job Kenneth and Christine! Keep the podcasts coming – what a great idea! Good luck with your new book Kenneth!

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