Episode # 9: Lotta Jansdotter’s Scandinavian Style

I have a soft spot for Scandinavian textiles, so it’s no surprise that I love the work of the designer Lotta Jansdotter. Since I first spotted one of her screen printed pillows in a San Francisco gift shop in the early aughts, and later her sewing and printing books, I’ve followed her work, sheepishly thinking I should really take one of her workshops. Well, as I’ve mentioned before, Thread Cult is a great excuse for me to track down designers and makers that I admire.

Last week, Lotta and I sat down in her bright, cozy Brooklyn work studio to talk about what’s been inspiring her lately, and she filled me in on several awesome new lines of her products (fabric! rugs! melamine picnic ware!) she has coming out this spring. After spending a good hour in the studio, I wanted to rush home to make my sewing nook just as beautiful as Lotta’s work space. Alas, I think that would be a tall order, as you’ll see in the images below, by the photographer Evi Abeler.

A consistent theme I’ve found in the interviews I’ve done for the show is how creative people can make a life and a living for themselves. I was struck by this talking with Lotta, as well as with Audrey Louise Reynolds for last week’s show, and my guest for next week’s show, the couture sewing expert Kenneth D. King. I find it very inspiring. I hope you do, too.

Happy listening!

Episode #9 Lotta Jansdotter’s Scandinavian Style

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