Episode #4: The Story Behind Spoonflower

A little over a year ago, I ran across the website for Spoonflower, a North Carolina-based company that’ll print anything you want on fabric. In some ways, this discovery was a minor dream come true for me, as I’ve lusted after so many vintage textiles over the years that I’ve longed to recreate for my own projects (not that I would steal someone else’s design…just, you know, modify!). Mr. Fish and I collaborated on the apron up top , a bear-skull-and-palm-tree camo print he designed from one of his pictures, and that I had made into fabric at Spoonflower and sewed into an apron (which I later sold on Etsy).

When I knew I was going to start my podcast, I thought immediately of interviewing Stephen Fraser, the co-founder of Spoonflower, who I’d met at a BurdaStyle party last year. Not only was I interested in how Spoonflower started, but I wanted to know how Stephen and his team run a small textile manufacturing business domestically in a time when most textiles (and everything else!) are produced across the globe.

In this episode of Thread Cult, Stephen and I chat about all of the above, including Spoonflower’s newest venture into making custom wallpaper and wall decals. I’ve seen some of this decor popping up around the internet lately. I particularly love  Heather Ross’s prints for kids’ rooms, examples of which you can see on her blog.

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Hope you enjoy!

Episode #4: The Story Behind Spoonflower

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North Carolina State College of Textiles

Sammyk’s shop on Spoonflower

Timeless Treasures Fabrics

Salt Labs

Ponoko (3-D printing)

Shapeways (3-D printing)

Intro:  fordhahm_nonnanonna, written and recorded by FakeShamus

Outro: Trompe, written and recorded by The Accommodators 


  1. Monique

    Thank you so much for this and other interviews – I find them fascinating and often really educational too.

  2. Monique

    PS the pace is perfect to knit or hand-sew to. I love the way you let people tell their story, in this often rather impatient world.

    • Christine

      So glad you’re enjoying the episodes! I do like to let people tell things the way they want them told. I figure, people who make things can appreciate that and don’t need to be hurried anyway:). Hope you keep listening!

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