Episode #3: Sewing for Your Sweetie

Christmas has come and gone, and another year passes without me completing a single sewing project for my husband. Sound familiar? Perhaps you too struggle with a similar, nagging guilt over not stitching your sweetie something fabulous. (Or, maybe you’re one of those bionic people who can whip out a perfect button-up in no time, in which case I congratulate (*hate*) you!)

For this third episode of Thread Cult, I teamed up with the fabulous Oonaballoona to explore the elusive question of why it’s so dang hard to sew for our significant others. We took a tour of Mood Fabrics with the knowledgeable and immensely likeable Josh (burning a swatch up top), who schooled us on men’s shirting fabrics and how to tell a poly from a rayon.

Oona gets the inside scoop on all things jersey.

In the span of an hour, Oona went from sewing her man a pimpin’ 70’s button-up to a Banana Republic-worthy jersey pullover to an exotic guayabera, and I finally figured out why I like Japanese cotton sooooo much.

Josh, our Mood salesman, also sells men’s shirts on Etsy, under the name Pseuphoric—a nice cheat for us ladies who might want to skip the heartache of stitching for our men. I like the cuffs and placket details on this one.

Hope you’re having a marvelous holiday.

Happy listening!

Episode #3: Sewing for Your Sweetie

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Notes from episode #3:

Mood Fabrics

Mood Sewing Network


Cotton sateen

Japanese cotton


Light linen

Italian shirting

Belgian linen

Put this On [episode about how a shirt should fit]

[Put this On podcast on how a shirt should fit]

Clio & Phineas

Puu’s Door of Time

Intro:  fordhahm_nonnanonna, written and recorded by FakeShamus

Outro: Mama’s Gonna Give You Love, by Emily Wells

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