#32 Alabama Chanin! Interview with Natalie Chanin

Natalie Chanin -Alabama ChaninPhoto Peter Stanglmayr

Sometimes home is the best place for great ideas to thrive. Fifteen years ago, Natalie Chanin discovered just this when she moved her nascent clothing company—Alabama Chanin—from New York to her hometown of Florence, Alabama. Since then, she’s built a thriving clothing and lifestyle company that merges craft and fashion in a beautiful way.

Christine and Natalie talk about starting her business, how to get over creative bumps in the road, and how changing your perspective can make you more successful. 

Happy listening!


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Outro music: “Inspire Me Forever (Secret Anomaly Jonez Mix)” by Spinningmerkaba

A. Chanin - SS14 (1210)

Alabama Chanin - Fabric detail - Photographer Abraham Rowe (3)

Alabama Chanin - The Factory Store + Cafe - Photographer Robert Rausch (2)

Alabama Chanin Beaded Annas Garden Swing Jacket (1)

Alabama Chanin SS14 - Photographer Abraham Rowe (77)


  1. Great Interview subject! I absolutely adore the Alabama Chanin aesthetic and cherish the DIY pieces I’ve made. I even happen to be wearing one today. I’m looking forward to listening to this podcast in the quiet of my sewing room this evening since Nathalie’s soft spoken voice is just not audible enough to hear while listening on my commute.

  2. Natalie Chanin is one of my heroes. I really enjoyed hearing her take on the nuts and bolts of running a business that holds sustainability and community as core values.

  3. Amelia larson

    I really look forward to your podcasts, but I would really appreciate it if you could do something about the sound quality. It’s very poor much of the time. I can hear you fine, but unless I sit down and use ear buds, I can barely hear Natalie Chanin so it’s impossible to listen and work at the same time. This is not the first podcast of yours on which I have given up in frustration. Please don’t stop podcasting, you are a rarity in the podcast world, but please do look for a way to improve the quality of your sound. Thanks!

    • Christine

      Amelia, thanks for letting me know. Sometimes it’s tricky getting the sound right with the interviews I record over the computer. But I’ll try to improve that in future interviews. Thanks for listening!

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  5. Thanks for the interview with Natalie Chanin. I only just came across her on Creativebug so it was good timing to hear more about her story and why she does what she does.
    I too had to listen to the interview with earbuds so I could hear Natalie, but the content was worth listening to. I’ve just started a podcast and would be happy to share ideas about sound quality if you like. Let me know 🙂
    Thanks again.

    • Christine

      Hi Domenica, so happy you found the podcast. I’d love to listen to yours, and, yes, let’s talk sound quality! There are definitely some challenges if you don’t have a sound studio!

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  8. Thank you for this interview with Natalie Chanin! I have been a big fan and champion of hers for years, and she is the closest “role model” to me of the kind of designer I want to be. I love how she keeps things small, hand crafted, one of a kind, and really special. You really asked all the questions I would have wanted to ask Natalie in person…so thanks for sharing the conversation. 🙂

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  10. I have jumped on the Chanin Wagon with both feet! I visited The Factory recently (it’s about 2 hours from my home) and I feel transformed. I hope to get to a workshop in 2016.

  11. Perfect to listen to while I turn fabric pieces to applique for a small quilt I am making I have made two pieces from Natalie Chanin’s books and had a total blast doing so – folks drool at the end product. I look forward to making more. This interview was fun to listen to as I continue to take further steps (tiny baby steps!) toward shifting myself out of 9to5 and into being my own crazy boss. Living in Vermont I am quite familiar with many aspects of the soul of Natalie Chanin’s business. She is on a great path – a true inspiration for me (and many others I imagine) Thank you !

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