#26: Kollabora! An Interview with Nora Abousteit

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 4.10.39 PM

As makers, the internet has profoundly influenced how we look for inspiration, learn, and share our newest creations. Nora Abousteit, a founder of BurdaStyle.com and now of the beautiful Kollabora.com—which focuses on fashion and home decor—has had a big impact in how craft and technology meet.

Before I even met Nora, I’d personally been impacted by her work. When I first started sewing again a few years ago, BurdaStyle was my go-to site for inspiration. Like a lot of new sewers, BurdaStyle became my favorite rabbit hole. I could spend hours admiring the beautiful clothes members had made, and I certainly used the site as a starting point for finding great sewing blogs. Now, with Kollabora, Nora has founded another really great online community, but this time with a broader focus.

Nora was so gracious to have me over to her apartment for our interview, and she shared a few Instagram shots of life at the Kollabora offices. Looks like a fun place to work! Happy listening!

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Outro music: “Waterflies” by Drama for Yamaha

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