Episode #21: Silk! Sewing Tips from Katrina Walker


The last time I sewed a silk dress, I nearly lost my marbles trying to figure out how to press, cut, and stitch up the slippery, shifting yardage. Despite finding some helpful tips in Claire Schaeffer’s Couture Sewing Techniques and on plenty of websites, I remember wishing that there was someone I could call with questions. Like a silk fairy godmother, or something.

Who I really needed on the line was Katrina Walker.

Katrina is a silk expert and teacher who contributes regularly to Threads and other sewing publications. She’s studied silk production in Japan and knows quite a bit about shibori techniques as well. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Katrina also raises sheep on her ranch, Rose Butte Ranch, in eastern Washington (state, for all you East coasters!). You must check out the adorable shots of her animals. When I first caught up with Katrina in April, we had to reschedule our interview because one of her sheep was actually giving birth out in the pasture.

Katrina also teaches a variety of sewing classes, as well as the Craftsy course Decorative Seams. (BTW, you can get the class for 50 percent off through this link. Cha-ching!) Also, check out this recent Threads article on Katrina’s work studio, a dreamy retrofitted cabin/guesthouse on her ranch.

Happy listening! 


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